Pickup point for the race package will be at SC "Boris Trajkovski" on 2 and 3 October 2020. On the day of the race (October 4, 2020) will not be able to pick up your start package. More info


At Wizz Air Skopje Marathon 2020 will be used a timing chip attached to the back of your race number to record your race time. Your race number has important information, therefore, it is very important to observe the related rules. The race number with timing chip must be worn on the front of your running jersey during the race in order for you to be recognized.

  • Each athlete must wear the issued race number at all times while on the course;
  • Do not exchange your race number with another runner;
  • Race number must be visible and pinned to the front of your shirt;
  • Folding, covering, cutting race number or intentional alteration of any kind is prohibited;
  • To remove the chip tag from the back side of the race number is strictly prohibited;
  • Do not damage or pierce the chip tag with the safety pins;
  • Do not cross the timing point before the race;
  • Covering race number when you crossing the finish line is strictly prohibited ;

Remember: NO CHIP = NO TIME!

Safety-pins for hanging race number will be included in your start package. The chip is disposable, which means that you have no obligation after the race to return the chip.


Start/finish of all the races will be in front of the SC "Boris Trajkovski". Start of the marathon, half marathon and marathon relay race is at 8:30 a.m. according time of entering in start zone (please check the start list, click here) . Finish for all races will be in front of the SC "Boris Trajkovski".


Runners of the marathon, half marathon and marathon relay race will have to cross the finish line within 5 hours and 30 minutes from the start of the race. All runners will be removed from the course after this time limit.


Course for the marathon and half marathon race runs from Vlae area to Aerodrom area. Half marathon race is 1 lap, and marathon runners will run the same lap twice.


There will be eight (8) refreshment points along the course for the marathon and half marathon and one (1) refreshment point for the race of 5 km.


First Aid will be available on 5 places along the course, and throughout the course doctors in cars will follow behind the race. Also, at the finish area there will be a medical team.


The race is run in accordance with IAAF/AIMS and Macedonian Athletics Federation rules. Referees at the start, finish and on the course will ensure that these rules are adhered to.
Only people aged 18 and over may take part in the marathon and half marathon race. For the runners under 18 must adduce a written consent from the parents and medical certificate that can participate. It is strictly forbidden to use roller-skates, bicycles or other means of transport.


Start area will be from SC "Boris Trajkovski". Only the runners with starting number will be allowed access to the start area and corridors.


When you cross finish line please do not stay longer in this zone, keep walking. If you need medical assistance ask for help from volunteers.


During and after the race results will be posted on the internet, on our web page. Ranking will be by chip time.
These are the provisional results. If you find a mistake has been made let us know within 48 hours of the race by sending an email to info@skopskimaraton.com.mk.
Afterwards the results will be official and cannot be changed.


Your Diploma will be available for download at results page


You can get your free photos from the race. More info on this link


It will be live streaming on our YouTube channel.


Do you run for a company or perhaps you are a member of a bigger group of friends? Compete under the same name and if your group has three contestants for the half-marathon, you will be ranked in the team ranking.


All participants in the marathon, half marathon and marathon relay will get a medal at the finish line, and the most successful ones will get: a cup, certificates and monetary prizes. The best Macedonian contestants in the marathon and half marathon will get air tickets by our partner Wizz Air. The winner awarding ceremony will be held at about 13:30 p.m.


Marathon relay is a race of 42,195 meters which includes 4 participants. Running distance is 12km-9km-12km-9km. The starting number with a chip carries runner from the first exchange and then he taught to the next runner on places for exchange the starting number that will be marked with signs on the track. See map for more info.

VIRTUAL RACE - for marathon, half marathon and relay marathon

What is a virtual race? Wherever you are, you can run your race on your own with your race running watch or mobile running app and send us a track record of that run (you will be further informed how to send to us) as proof and then you will receive everything at your postal address with everything from the race package (t-shirt, medal, start number, voucher ...). There will also be a separate virtual ranking that will not be part of the official ranking.
All those who are prevented from participating on October 4 for any reason can transfer their application (which not applies to 5km participants) in a virtual race until August 15 at the latest. To switch to a virtual race, edit your application at www.smartrace.club