Important information! This year, Wizz Air Skopje Marathon will be held on May 4th, the date is being rescheduled due to the presidential election

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Since the second round of the presidential election will coincide with the original date of the 15th edition of Wizz Air Skopje Marathon, May 5th 2019, and due to the impossibility to organize these two huge events on the same day, the organizers, Skopje Sports Association and the organizing committee of Wizz Air Skopje marathon, decided to reschedule this year’s marathon for one day earlier, i.e. on Saturday, May 4th 2019.

“We always set the date for Wizz Air Skopje Marathon a year before the race, it is one of the obligations we have towards the international associations, IAAF and AIMS. At the time, we could not foresee that elections could be held in our country on the date we chose for the 15th edition of Wizz Air Skopje marathon. Therefore, after the official announcement of the presidential elections by the President of the Macedonian Parliament, we decided to reschedule the marathon date for one day earlier. This is not a first, not will be the last case of such changes, as in the past, similar situations have taken place with other world marathons. Although the registration for the marathon has been open since September 15th 2018, we had to adopt this difficult decision in order to avoid major consequences in the organization in the period to follow. We are aware that this unpopular measure may not appeal to some of the participants having registered so far, especially foreign runers, but we hope to find their understanding. “- said Kire Sinadinovski, the race director of Wizz Air Skopje Marathon.

The Organizing Committee and Sport Union of Skopje guarantee that the atmosphere and every element related to Wizz Air Skopje Marathon will remain the same as in previous years and that this jubilee edition is expected to be one of the most successful sporting events taking place in the streets of the City of Skopje. We apologize to all already registered participants for the newly emerging situation. All participants will get an e-mail from the organizer providing them with a questionnaire link, where they can state whether they can participate on May 4th or not, after which, they will be contacted by the organizers for the following steps.