SKM VIRTUAL RUN – Run for fun

If everything was going according to the initial plans, this weekend, on May 10th, our Wizz Air Skopje Marathon would’ve been held, but we had to postpone it for later this year, October 4th. However, that is no reason to stop running and to think of our race, as long as it is within the recommendations of the authorities in your country.
Willing to make this period at least as nearly interesting and exciting as it usually is, we decided to organize this virtual race free of charge for you, in which anyone from any part of the planet can register and participate.

How does it work?

Registration is free! If you run with mobile app Racemap where our SKM Virtual Run is created, you have to register before the run, or if you run with your GPS watch/device, you have to register after your run.

Run period:
5th May 2020 (00:00) until 15th May 2020 (23:59)

This is a Virtual Fun Run, you can join and run anywhere in the world.

5KM (you can run even more than that, 21km or even and 42 km, as much as you like, but only your fastest 5km segment time will be registered)

Important rules:

Keep the social distance of 2-3 meters, run alone and following the measures adopted by your Government and all its authorities and the recommendations of the World Health Organization, regarding the pandemic COVID 19.

How it works if you run with your mobile phone:

  1. To join the Virtual Race with your mobile phone, you need to download “Racemap” Mobile App from:
    - Play Store
    - App Store
  2. Find our event “SKM Virtual Run” and select it
  3. Register for the “SKM Virtual Run” by clicking on “SIGN UP FOR LIVE TRACKING” and enter your first and last name and your favorite bib number
  4. When you want to start running (in any time of the Run Period), you just need to click on “START LIVE TRACKING”.  And there is an option to share your activities to social media and to tell to your friends to follow you live during running J
    IMPORTANT! Before you start running, you need to enable location services (GPS) and connect to the Internet (activate Mobile Data) on your smart phone, so that your run could be recorder in real-time leader board.
  5. You can even run more than 5km, then your fastest 5km-split time will be shown in the leader board (result list). The activities will be recorded and will be compared in the leader board, regardless of location, time and segments. You can even accumulate your running/walking activities, e.g. 3km on Monday and another 2km on Wednesday.
  6. You can view live (or on the replay) and compare the workouts of every participant on Tracking Map on this link
  7. The leader board counts the duration of activity when Racemap receives location updates. That means when a participant stops recording its activity due to a break, this time is not considered in the leader board. The leader board can be viewed on the following

Instructions how to install and use mobile app for running SKM Virtual Run

How it works if you run with your GPS watch/device (Garmin, Polar,Suunto or Strava App):

  1. Run/walk your desired distance (minimum 5km or more) with your GPS watch/device on any date in the Run Period.
  2. Export your recorded activities from your GPS watch (or mobile app) to your computer in the supported formats: GPX, KML or TCX.
  3. Visit the link and register for the Virtual Run with your favorite bib number, and enter your first and last name, then upload your recorded activities in Track.
  4. You can view on the replay and compare the workouts of every participant on Tracking Map on the following link
  5. The leader board can be viewed on the following link

The results from this SKM Virtual Run are informative, this race has no competitive character. Just like in the marathon race, we are all winners.

After your run/walk, post your pictures from you or from your app on the social networks with hash tag #SKMVirtualRun #RunningWillChangeYou